Homeland Security Conspiracy - America's War On It's People

Homeland Security Conspiracy

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Homeland Security Conspiracy

Homeland Security Conspiracy

Homeland Security Conspiracy

By Delwyn Lounsbury - THE DEFLATION GURU

Beware the Department of Homeland Security conspiracy: Biggest and most relevant story in America! By Delwyn Lounsbury - The Deflation Guru

The Department of Homeland Security conspiracy is a sad development in the total totalitarian takeover try of America. There is considerable evidence of rogue unconstitutional US Department of Homeland Security conspiracy and police state activity. There are already over 70 DHS FUSION CENTERS set up across the United States, each with state-of-the-art snooping technology. Click here FUSION CENTERS to see map and addresses.

Corrupt leaders of both parties in our government have joined a worldwide secret collectivist consortium of mega-rich central banking families who are pushing for a totalitarian one world government - a new world order (a.k.a., new underworld order). It is a hellish plan for a globalist fascist state using fear-based themes to scare and usurp power and money from the world's middle classes. Think: The mafia joins the Nazi Gestapo to become Big Brother! The Homeland Security conspiracy is that bad.

Some 300 FEMA prison camps have already been constructed for protesters here in America. "Frontline" on PBS TV reports that over $3 trillion has been funneled to the agency since 9/11 and that they have over 70 high-tech surveillance control centers spread all over the United States. Now the homeland security conspiracy and police state is buying 30,000 unmanned drone aircraft to spy on us. THINK HITLER!

A ransacked U.S. Constitution (by the Obama Administration) means your once free country is heading toward a fascist police state and a big-time loss in freedom and liberty. It’s an Orwellian world in which you are controlled by a covert "Big Brother" secretive totalitarian dictatorship by nefarious corrupt central banking families. These 1,000 or so families own all 150 sovereign national banks and therefore have been getting mega rich for several hundred years as they print fiat monopoly money out of thin air. The Zionist Rothschild family cabal and cartel out of the City of London most likely own or control much of the corporate stock in the Federal Reserve Bank and other world central banks.

The Anglo American financial power elites are based in Washington DC, the City of London and Vatican City along with their corporate cronies and the military industrial complex. Their nurturing private members only clubs are the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and in Europe the Bilderberg Group. THINK MAFIA!

Without cash your every purchase and every move will be watched. One misstep, gun law infraction or complaint about government not abiding by the constitution and you could be labeled a terrorist and sent to one of the giant FEMA tent prisons. Do not pass go and do not collect $200! THINK GULAG!

In fact, the Indefinite Detention Bill part of the NDAA Act passed in November of 2011 by a wide margin in both the House and the Senate makes it a law you will have no right to habeas corpus, formal charges, right to an attorney or even a court trial and maybe rendition and assassination.

This is a violation of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and of a "posse comitas" agreement dating way back to the 1898 Spanish American War in which our leaders at that time agreed the Army/military would never be used on American civilians. The Patriot Act was a similar huge usurpation of constitutional rights. The Patriot Act undermined your 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 10th and Fourteenth Amendments to the US Constitution! THINK LENIN AND STALIN!

Surveillance cameras will be everywhere including 30,000 unmanned drone aircraft just ordered by the homeland security conspiracy. The $83.6 billion in funding of which was just approved by both houses of our corrupt congress. More TSA like body scanners will be everywhere, including at the grocery store, plus new illegal assembly laws, and every other kind of jack-booted dictatorial Gestapo Nazi control you can think of. The US Department of Homeland Security just ordered 1.6 billion hollow point bullets. Civil protesters beware! THINK BIG BROTHER JOINS THE MAFIA!

You would think there is a suicide bombing attack daily in the USA. It's been 10 years since the 9/11 attack (and the anthrax scare) and not a single incident. Besides, 9/11 may have resulted from covert meddling in the Middle East by CIA and other intelligence black ops devious deeds like money laundering, assassinations and heroin and other drug trafficking and other covert acts) to the point of upsetting Muslims to no end. In addition, the US anthrax incidents were tracked back to possible military involvement. Do not hornets swarm out and sting if one messes with their nest? THINK VIETNAM!

Now, we find the corrupt US Congress has approved (and President Obama the socialist communist Marxist fascist Nazi has signed) a law funding 30,000 DRONE UNMANNED SPY AIRCRAFT for use inside America's boundaries at the behest of the fascist Homeland Security conspiracy. Bill, HR 658, the FAA Air Transportation Modernization and Safety Improvement Act authorizes the manufacture and deployment of the dreadful spy drones by 2015 at a cost of $63.4 Billion which may not include the cost of supporting and maintaining them after they are deployed. I thought we were cutting spending. Who are the financial power elite enabling military industrial complex crony capitalists getting the spy drone construction contracts? THINK HONEYWELL & LOCKHEED!

With the passage of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 - Section 903, homeland security fascism gets its WAASS (Wide Area Aerial Surveillance System) of unmanned drones capable of viewing 16 square kilometers. Here are the specs: The primary objective of WAASS is to provide persistent, long-term surveillance over urban and rural terrain at least the size of 16 km2. The surveillance system shall have an electro-optical capability for daylight missions but can have an infrared capability for day or night operations.

What are they going to do to us next? Equip these drones with HELLFIRE MISSILES and kill citizens - men, women and children - like they did in Waco, Texas? President Obama just OK’d a bomb armed drone to kill U.S. citizen and terrorist suspect Anwar al Awlaki (along with his brother and son) in Pakistan with no formal charge or trial. President Obama makes a habit of doing these unconstitutional acts. Obama hates America and everything he does is meant to undermine the US. He is definitely a socialist Marxist puppet and mole for the financial power elite. President Barack Hussein Obama is now morphing into a dictatorial Nazi! THINK MUSSOLINI!

There is no reason to have such 24/7 surveillance of American citizens other than the usual global governance bunch fear-based ploy of scaring the middle class into relinquishing the last of its money and power to the Anglo American financial power elite central "Banksters" who own or control all 110 central banks that print money out of thin air and who want a one-world government. This would mean 600 spy drones per state. What Safety? It is going to be 30,000 times more unsafe. If you fly a light airplane around our country you are likely to smack into one by accident – the deadly drones can’t see your Cessna coming.

A homeland security conspiracy like this must mean the powers-that-be expect massive American citizen revulsion against the coming PHONY Iran War (it’s actually about Iran refusing to sell oil for dollars any more) leading into PHONY World War Three (it’s actually a Muslim/secular smokescreen to take your freedom and depopulate the earth in a new elite feudalism so the last of the globes natural resources are saved for themselves). The corrupt US Congress must also expect widespread food riots and protests in the coming deflation economy and Greater Depression (see my sister site deflationeconomy.com). Why don’t you hear about any of this? Well, because the evil elite own all the mainstream media. That’s why! In fact, if it is in the major newspapers or on the nightly news you can believe the opposite most of the time. THINK 1984!

This is their nefarious plots modus operandi - create chaos and offer bigger government and even one world government as the best solution. So, out of chaos comes order - a new world order. Act now or expect a future in which you, your children and your children's children are slaves or serfs to the greedy godless globalist demigods who want to be kings in a possible NEW DARK AGES.

Conclusion: Only the truth told by the "INTERNET REFORMATION REVOLUTION" about this elite “DIRECTED HISTORY” toward one world government totalitarian homeland security conspiracy and police state and a return to private gold backed money can save us. Only gold is honest and not someone else's debt. Join the Internet Reformation Revolution! ASAP!

The “Internet Reformation Revolution” is getting the word out in the alternative media just like the invention of the Gutenberg printing press helped mankind understand how the-world-really-works 500 years ago.

We have to all hang together or we will each hang separately. This homeland security conspiracy and subterfuge is TYRANNY! THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING! BY THE INSIDIOUS POWERS-THAT SHOULD’T-BE! TO YOU AND I – WE-THE-PEOPLE! ON YOUR WATCH!

Copyright 2013-2014 by Delwyn Lounsbury - THE DEFLATION GURU

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Bitcoin Operator's Accounts Seized By U.S. Authorities

Reuters | By Brett Wolf Posted: 05/17/2013 1:56 pm EDT

ST. LOUIS, May 17 (Thomson Reuters Accelus) - U.S. authorities have seized two accounts linked to a major operator in the booming Bitcoin digital currency market, Tokyo-based exchange Mt. Gox. The move may prevent the firm from facilitating the purchase and sale of Bitcoins in U.S. dollars at a time when use of the currency and its value has mushroomed. Bitcoin, which unlike conventional money is bought and sold on a peer-to-peer network independent of any central authority, has grown popular among users who lack faith in the established banking system. The price of the volatile currency ballooned in March as a result of the Cyprus bank crisis. Authorities worry that a lack of regulation has left the currency vulnerable to money launderers and other criminals. A seizure warrant obtained Tuesday by the Department of Homeland Security froze an account that an Iowa-based online payment processor, Dwolla Inc, held at Veridian Credit Union in the name of Mutum Sigillum LLC. An affidavit filed by an agent with the department's investigations unit states that Mutum Sigillum, a Mt. Gox subsidiary incorporated in Delaware, was operating as an unlicensed money transmitter, in violation of federal law. Treasury's anti-money laundering unit, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), in March issued guidance that dubbed digital currency exchanges money transmitters, a finding that obliged such businesses to register with FinCEN and obtain any mandated state licenses. A search of FinCEN's online registration database Friday morning suggested that neither Mt. Gox nor Mutum Sigillum had registered. The affidavit cited Mutum Sigillum's failure to register with FinCEN as sufficient grounds to seize its accounts. Both Mutum Sigillum and Mt. Gox, which says it handles 80 percent of Bitcoin trading, are owned by Mark Karpeles, the affidavit states. It adds that Karpeles opened an account in Mutum Sigillum's name at Wells Fargo in May 2011, and that when doing so completed a form in which he said it was not a money transmitter. Karpeles did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Nor did Dwolla. The Wells Fargo account was seized earlier this month as part of the same investigation that prompted the seizure of Mutum Sigillum's Dwolla account at Veridian Credit Union, the affidavit states. It also notes that those wishing to use U.S. dollars to buy Bitcoins deposited money with Dwolla and directed that it be forwarded to Mt. Gox. When people wanted to cash out, Mt. Gox wired funds from an account at Sumitomo Mitsui Bank in Japan to the Wells Fargo account and U.S. dollars were sent to Dwolla. An Homeland Security department informant based in Maryland engaged in such transactions, the affidavit states, presenting the informant's Bitcoin exchanges as evidence of Mutum Sigillum's purported status as a money transfer firm. The seizure of the Mt. Gox-linked accounts may threaten the exchange's ability to do business in U.S. dollars. The impact on the overall Bitcoin market is unclear. Some Mt. Gox customers have already taken to message boards to express concern about their ability to buy Bitcoins with U.S. dollars or liquidate existing investments. One user posting on a Bitcoin question and answer site suggested this problem was a grave one for the currency and Mt. Gox. "Most of the trading volume is in dollars at Gox if I'm not mistaken, so this might be the death blow for them," the user's post stated. Thomson Reuters' Compliance Complete reported last month that Karpeles said all of Mt. Gox's U.S.-dollar activity was accomplished via a Dwolla account. When Compliance Complete asked at the time whether Mt. Gox had registered with FinCEN in the wake of the March guidance, Karpeles said that it had not, but that it planned to do so. He added that Mt. Gox and Dwolla were "discussing compliance issues on a regular basis." A spokeswoman for Homeland Security declined to comment on whether the agency, or any foreign law enforcement agency with which it may be cooperating, plan to seize any other accounts linked to Karpeles, Mt. Gox, or other Bitcoin exchanges. (This article was produced by the Compliance Complete service of Thomson Reuters Accelus. Compliance Complete (http://bit.ly/16Ebxub) provides a single source for regulatory news, analysis, rules and developments, with global coverage of more than 230 regulators and exchanges. Follow Accelus compliance news on Twitter: @GRC_Accelus)
Homeland Security Conspiracy


Homeland Security Conspiracy

Why Does The Department Of Homeland Security Need MILLIONS of Hollow Point Bullets?

Posted: 28 Mar 2012 05:32 PM PDT Courtesy THE AMERICAN DREAM

Somebody out there has decided that the Department of Homeland Security needs a whole lot of ammunition. Recently it was announced that ATK was awarded a contract to provide up to 450 MILLION hollow point bullets to the Department of Homeland Security over the next five years. Is it just me, or does that sound incredibly excessive? What in the world is the DHS going to do with 450 million rounds? What possible event would ever require that much ammunition? If the United States was ever invaded, it would be the job of the U.S. military to defend the country, so that can't be it. So what are all of those bullets for? Who does the Department of Homeland Security plan to be shooting at? According to the U.S. Census, there are only about 311 million people living in the entire country. So why does the Department of Homeland Security need 450 million rounds of ammunition? Either this is an incredible waste or there is something that the Department of Homeland Security is not telling us.

I could understand if the U.S. military was ordering ammunition in this quantity. When you fight wars you can go through ammunition very rapidly. But the Department of Homeland Security is only supposed to be shooting at people very rarely. It simply does not make sense that they would need so much ammunition.

The following is an excerpt from the official press release about this deal between ATK and the Department of Homeland Security....

ATK announced that it is being awarded an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) agreement from the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (DHS, ICE) for .40 caliber ammunition. This contract features a base of 12 months, includes four option years, and will have a maximum volume of 450 million rounds. ATK was the incumbent and won the contract with its HST bullet, which has proven itself in the field. The special hollow point effectively passes through a variety of barriers and holds its jacket in the toughest conditions. HST is engineered for 100-percent weight retention, limits collateral damage, and avoids over-penetration.

"We are proud to extend our track record as the prime supplier of .40 caliber duty ammunition for DHS, ICE," said Ron Johnson, President of ATK's Security and Sporting group.

But this is not the only kind of ammo that the DHS is placing an order for. Business Insider is also reporting that the Department of Homeland Security is seeking to buy 175 million rifle ammunition rounds.... We've also learned that the Department has an open bid for a stockpile of rifle ammo. Listed on the federal business opportunities network, they're looking for up to 175 million rounds of .233 caliber ammo to be exact. The 223 is almost exactly the same round used by NATO forces, the 5.56 x 45mm. This all comes at a time when gun sales are absolutely going through the roof in the United States.

Gun manufacturer Sturm, Ruger & Co. recently announced that it would be suspending new orders until May because it received orders for more than one million guns during the months of January and February.

The following announcement about this suspension of sales comes from their official website....

• The Company's Retailer Programs that were offered from January 1, 2012 through February 29, 2012 were very successful and generated significant orders from retailers to independent wholesale distributors for Ruger firearms. • Year-to-date, the independent wholesale distributors placed orders with the Company for more than one million Ruger firearms. • Despite the Company's continuing successful efforts to increase production rates, the incoming order rate exceeds our capacity to rapidly fulfill these orders. Consequently, the Company has temporarily suspended the acceptance of new orders. • The Company expects to resume the normal acceptance of orders by the end of May 2012.

Since Barack Obama first took office, gun sales in America have risen to extraordinary levels. Overall, more than 10 million guns were sold in the United States during 2011. And gun sales have continued to rise at a brisk pace in 2012.

The following was recently posted on Yahoo News.... The NSSF said that 920,840 instant criminal background checks were made in January alone, a gain of 17.3% over the same month in 2011. This now makes it the 20th consecutive month of increases. While using the number of background checks is a good measurement of sales, it doesn't paint the whole picture as some checks are used for the purchases of multiple firearms. Also, some private transfers and sales from gun shows are exempt, making the actual number of guns sold higher.

According to Gallup, 41 percent of all Americans said that they owned a gun in 2010. But when that question was asked again in 2011, that number had risen to 47 percent.

Clearly, a lot of Americans are feeling the need to arm themselves. Unfortunately, they may find themselves short on ammunition for those guns considering how much ammo the government is buying up. So what is causing everyone to buy so many guns? Well, without a doubt we are likely to see a rise in crime as the U.S. economy continues to crumble. People want to be able to protect themselves and their families when everything falls apart. In fact, we are already starting to see some really violent home invasions in many parts of the nation. Many in the prepper movement are deeply concerned about the direction this country is headed and they want to be prepared for whatever happens.

Of course the rising gang problem in America is a major concern too. According to the FBI there are now 1.4 million gang members living in the United States, and that number has increased by 40 percent since 2009. Many urban communities have essentially been taken over by these gangs, and many of these gangs are definitely not shy about using violence. Average Americans that live in these communities want to be able to have a fighting chance against these gangs.

But that doesn't explain why the DHS needs so much ammunition. Yes, our world is becoming increasingly unstable, but under what conditions does the DHS ever anticipate firing off 450 million rounds?

Something does not add up. If anyone has a possible explanation for why the DHS would need 450 million rounds of ammunition, please post a comment and share your thoughts with us below....

Editor’s note from Delwyn Lounsbury, THE DEFLATION GURU: It is my understanding that the use of hollow point bullets between countries are outlawed by the Geneva Convention. Thus, bullets for our armed forces (and other countries soldiers) in foreign lands are “full metal jacket.” This means the projectile is fully coated with copper or brass and therefore penetrates on through. Hollow points or even soft (lead) tipped bullets expand greatly upon impact with a mushroom killing effect which is deemed humane when used for the legal taking of game or predator animals. Is the fascist Nazi totalitarian Department of Homeland Security conspiracy arming themselves with purposeful killing and maiming ammo against its citizens? Does the "Big Brother" Homeland Security conspiracy not want you to suffer - just die? Or is the United States police state Homeland Security conspiracy arming itself against Canadians and Mexicans?

The Homeland Security conspiracy is Tyranny!

Delwyn Lounsbury – THE DEFLATION GURU http://www.one-world-government.org


Homeland Security Conspiracy

New studies: ‘Conspiracy theorists’ sane; government dupes crazy, hostile July 12, 2013

Source: Phantom Report

Recent studies by psychologists and social scientists in the US and UK suggest that contrary to mainstream media stereotypes, those labeled “conspiracy theorists” appear to be saner than those who accept the official versions of contested events.

The most recent study was published on July 8th by psychologists Michael J. Wood and Karen M. Douglas of the University of Kent (UK). Entitled “What about Building 7? A social psychological study of online discussion of 9/11 conspiracy theories,” the study compared “conspiracist” (pro-conspiracy theory) and “conventionalist” (anti-conspiracy) comments at news websites.

The authors were surprised to discover that it is now more conventional to leave so-called conspiracist comments than conventionalist ones: “Of the 2174 comments collected, 1459 were coded as conspiracist and 715 as conventionalist.” In other words, among people who comment on news articles, those who disbelieve government accounts of such events as 9/11 and the JFK assassination outnumber believers by more than two to one. That means it is the pro-conspiracy commenters who are expressing what is now the conventional wisdom, while the anti-conspiracy commenters are becoming a small, beleaguered minority.

Perhaps because their supposedly mainstream views no longer represent the majority, the anti-conspiracy commenters often displayed anger and hostility: “The research… showed that people who favoured the official account of 9/11 were generally more hostile when trying to persuade their rivals.”

Additionally, it turned out that the anti-conspiracy people were not only hostile, but fanatically attached to their own conspiracy theories as well. According to them, their own theory of 9/11 – a conspiracy theory holding that 19 Arabs, none of whom could fly planes with any proficiency, pulled off the crime of the century under the direction of a guy on dialysis in a cave in Afghanistan – was indisputably true. The so-called conspiracists, on the other hand, did not pretend to have a theory that completely explained the events of 9/11: “For people who think 9/11 was a government conspiracy, the focus is not on promoting a specific rival theory, but in trying to debunk the official account.”

In short, the new study by Wood and Douglas suggests that the negative stereotype of the conspiracy theorist – a hostile fanatic wedded to the truth of his own fringe theory – accurately describes the people who defend the official account of 9/11, not those who dispute it.

Additionally, the study found that so-called conspiracists discuss historical context (such as viewing the JFK assassination as a precedent for 9/11) more than anti-conspiracists. It also found that the so-called conspiracists to not like to be called “conspiracists” or “conspiracy theorists.”

Both of these findings are amplified in the new book Conspiracy Theory in America by political scientist Lance deHaven-Smith, published earlier this year by the University of Texas Press. Professor deHaven-Smith explains why people don’t like being called “conspiracy theorists”: The term was invented and put into wide circulation by the CIA to smear and defame people questioning the JFK assassination! “The CIA’s campaign to popularize the term ‘conspiracy theory’ and make conspiracy belief a target of ridicule and hostility must be credited, unfortunately, with being one of the most successful propaganda initiatives of all time.”

In other words, people who use the terms “conspiracy theory” and “conspiracy theorist” as an insult are doing so as the result of a well-documented, undisputed, historically-real conspiracy by the CIA to cover up the JFK assassination. That campaign, by the way, was completely illegal, and the CIA officers involved were criminals; the CIA is barred from all domestic activities, yet routinely breaks the law to conduct domestic operations ranging from propaganda to assassinations.

DeHaven-Smith also explains why those who doubt official explanations of high crimes are eager to discuss historical context. He points out that a very large number of conspiracy claims have turned out to be true, and that there appear to be strong relationships between many as-yet-unsolved “state crimes against democracy.” An obvious example is the link between the JFK and RFK assassinations, which both paved the way for presidencies that continued the Vietnam War. According to DeHaven-Smith, we should always discuss the “Kennedy assassinations” in the plural, because the two killings appear to have been aspects of the same larger crime.

Psychologist Laurie Manwell of the University of Guelph agrees that the CIA-designed “conspiracy theory” label impedes cognitive function. She points out, in an article published in American Behavioral Scientist (2010), that anti-conspiracy people are unable to think clearly about such apparent state crimes against democracy as 9/11 due to their inability to process information that conflicts with pre-existing belief.

In the same issue of ABS, University of Buffalo professor Steven Hoffman adds that anti-conspiracy people are typically prey to strong “confirmation bias” – that is, they seek out information that confirms their pre-existing beliefs, while using irrational mechanisms (such as the “conspiracy theory” label) to avoid conflicting information.

The extreme irrationality of those who attack “conspiracy theories” has been ably exposed by Communications professors Ginna Husting and Martin Orr of Boise State University. In a 2007 peer-reviewed article entitled“Dangerous Machinery: ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ as a Transpersonal Strategy of Exclusion,” they wrote:

“If I call you a conspiracy theorist, it matters little whether you have actually claimed that a conspiracy exists or whether you have simply raised an issue that I would rather avoid… By labeling you, I strategically exclude you from the sphere where public speech, debate, and conflict occur.”

But now, thanks to the internet, people who doubt official stories are no longer excluded from public conversation; the CIA’s 44-year-old campaign to stifle debate using the “conspiracy theory” smear is nearly worn-out. In academic studies, as in comments on news articles, pro-conspiracy voices are now more numerous – and more rational – than anti-conspiracy ones.

No wonder the anti-conspiracy people are sounding more and more like a bunch of hostile, paranoid cranks.

Editor's note: Delwyn Lounsbury - The Deflation Guru - Internet Reformation Revolution reporting on Homeland Security Conspiracy

On Mon, Apr 2, 2012 at 8:25 PM, gini costanzo <ginicostanzo@gmail.com> wrote:

Subj: Gun Wisdom



Gun Wisdom

Some words to the wise. Shooting Advice from various Concealed Carry Instructors. If you own a gun, you will appreciate this. If not, you should get one and learn how to use it:
A: Guns have only two enemies rust and politicians.
B: Its always better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.
C: Cops carry guns to protect themselves, not you.
D: Never let someone or something that threatens you get inside arms length.
E: Never say "I've got a gun." If you need to use deadly force, the first sound they hear should be the safety clicking off.
F: The average response time of a 911 call is 23 minutes, the response time of a .357 is 1400 feet per second.
G: The most important rule in a gunfight is: Always win - cheat if necessary.
H: Make your attacker advance through a wall of bullets . . . You may get killed with your own gun, but he'll have to beat you to death with it, cause it'll be empty.
I: If you're in a gun fight:
1/ If you're not shooting, you should be loading.
2/ If you're not loading, you should be movin,
3/ If you're not movin', you're dead.
J: In a life and death situation, do something . . . It may be wrong, but do something!
K: If you carry a gun, people call you paranoid. Nonsense! If you have a gun, what do you have to be paranoid about?
L: You can say 'stop' or 'alto' or any other word, but a large bore muzzle pointed at someone's head is pretty much a universal language.
M: You cannot save the planet with that friendly weight in your pocket, but you may be able to save yourself and your family.
If you believe in the
2nd Amendment,
please forward.

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