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The World Financial Crisis - Biggest Story in the Solar System

World Financial Crisis

By Delwyn Lounsbury - THE DEFLATION GURU

The world financial crisis and one world government totalitarian takeover by the elite is speeding up. YOU can expect one-worldism, global governance and one world currency plots and schemes to increase by the Anglo American financial power elite.

I do not see a restoration of the true republic kind of American System of Government at any time in the near future, if ever. Our founding fathers meant for the states (the Republic) to have the power - not this Fed-gov and Central-bank-gov we have now. Plan on seeing real estate and most other assets drop 90% from peak in a deflationary collapse of the coming Greater Depression, gold to drop 61.8% from peak to $750 per ounce and unemployment to reach 50% in this world financial crisis. CASH WILL BE KING!

Laws and practices that worked well out at the grassroots (state a.k.s republican - small r) level could eventually be adapted nationwide. It was supposed to be difficult to get legislation passed at the Federal level. Now, Federal Government is a big cancer sucking all the air and money out of the room. Every new law, regulation and tax is a price fix. OBAMACARE IS A NEW TAX (plus rationing and euthanasia)! The mega rich world central "BANKSTERS" are moving us faster and faster toward a fascist socialist system. Deflation and world financial crisis in the Greater Depression will take the last of the money and power from the middle classes as the elite grow world government facilities and institutions like the United Nations.

This democracy thing at its insane and current conclusion just means more and more morally and economically destitute dummies vote themselves bigger and bigger entitlements at the expense of the real workers and taxpayers. Fifty percent of Americans now get a check from government. Food stamp rolls are up forty percent since Obama took office and now number 50 million citizens. Each person a vote for Obama bought and paid for with your and my tax payments.

Business people eventually just give up trying and hiring. Jobs disappear. World financial crisis follows as business people see sales slowing systematically and lay off more workers in a vicious cycle like a snowball rolling down a hill. Obama by not boosting business is causing a worse deflationary depression. His tax the rich propaganda is right out of the Marxism 101 textbook.

The mega rich 1,000 or so trans-generational central banking families who own all 110 central banks fraudulently print counterfeit monopoly money out of thin air and are happy to see the world devolve into a financial crisis - the Greater Deflationary Depression. The central “Banksters” collectivist plot is to gain power and to just get richer as they buy up assets at pennies on the dollar worldwide into 2016-2018. Formal total global governance and rule out of the City of London (Rothschilds), Washington DC (Fed), Tel Aviv and demigods controlling the Vatican helped along by the military industrial complex, corrupted corporate cronies and other enablers is their greedy goal in the world financial crisis.

The financial power elite nefarious scheme uses smokescreens - fear-based themes of war, bank, corporation and government bailouts, Islamic terrorism, plague scares, global warming, asteroid scares, rioting anarchists (Occupy Wall Street) and any other constantly hyped subject by the mainstream press. Mainstream media is totally owned by the financial elite, by the way.

Here it is! - The insidious globalization “Hegelian Dialectic” subterfuge. Create profound problems – offer two solutions – steer everyone (“Directed History”) through their wholly owned press toward the bigger government more rules and laws solution, or better yet, the one world government solution over at the United Nations, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, NATO etc. Thus out of chaos comes order – A NEW WORLD ORDER! TOTALITARIAN RULE BY DICTATORSHIP!

This has to do with a number of factors: First those who have worked and saved want to keep what they have and look to government to provide the security and safety to do this task. Of course, the government is not here for that purpose but only to convince people that this is their purpose. Much like the TSA (Transportation Safely Administration) cannot protect the boarders and air safety; but they want us to believe they can. Second are those who relied on the government to sustain themselves and of course they will do whatever is needed to keep themselves secure. This will include riots and other criminal activities. Their only objective is to keep the flow coming from the government to themselves and they include, government employees, recipients of government cash, government contractors, banks etc. Third group are the elderly who are frightened because they cannot take care of themselves and they have no one to help them but the government. These voting blocs will in every situation vote to keep the government growing to support themselves.

Now, we know how we got into this hole. How do we stop digging it deeper and get out? Well, let’s look at the crop of people running for office? Nope - none of them have the balls, intellect or will to change a light bulb let alone the direction the country is going. This is why most of us look back at Ronald Reagan with fond memories, there was a man who could articulate the dream and put in place the works to start to turn the ship. Too bad he also printed money like it was going out of style and eventually outspent the Russians. Unfortunately, we then got Clinton, Bush one and Bush two along with the Rockefeller financial power elite one-world wing of the GOP - Back on the uncle sugar track to nowhere.

We are going to have to live with this world financial crisis until it hits the end. Can you hoard enough food to get through the tough times ahead? I don't think so. Can you start your own garden? Yes, but you will have to kill others to keep them out, not my style. If you live in the country expect a visit by thousands of people, now living in the urban centers, to drop by for a meal. Not enough police or military to keep order, so expect the powers that be (for self preservation) to call on the blue helmets of the UN to help restore order. Why? - Because it will be hard for our own police and troops to fire on their own friends neighbors and family. The power broker, world bankers and those who think they know so much more than anyone else have for years been attempting to bring us down in an orderly fashion but they do not have enough wealth to stop this train before it goes over the cliff.

What is ahead? Expect to see China falter badly, since their economy is tied to ours and ours has not recovered as expected. Expect India to have major problems because their economy is also tied to ours but they have the added burden of the Muslim turmoil. Expect Iran to try to shut off oil (their leaders are looking to start a war to bring forth the Maddi) and you can expect the west to react badly to this challenge. As oil goes up pressure to drill here will overpower the environmentalists; but the lead time will cause unemployment to soar to 30%, or more. As a direct result (given we cannot borrow any more), most government programs will have to be severely cut back. Those in power will start to print money and costs will go through the roof. Is this the perfect storm? Not yet! Expect all of these woes to be blamed on Israel. Yep, the Jews are at the center of all of the worlds problems and must be wiped out once and for all. Not!

As a side bar to all this, you can expect world wide famine, world wide plagues and wars in diverse places along with a possible coming New Dark Ages if we don’t stop the one world government/new world order bunch of elitist central BANKSTERS.

Christ predicted that the Olive tree (Israel) would bloom in the desert and the generation that witnessed this would not pass away before He returned. Israel was reborn in May of 1948 exactly as predicted by Daniel and our generation shall not pass away before He returns. How He will manifest Himself no one knows and when exactly no one knows. Remember the last time He came as a babe born to unknown people in an unknown place with no power or stature but in 3 years of teaching he changed the entire world. Not one government, not one religion, not one people and not one system survived from that day to this day but His.

The proof is Israel! Think about any country from any time period and ask yourself which one can resurrect itself from the dust bin of history. Armed with this one piece of information you can see how it is unlikely we can resurrect the USA from what it has become to what it was.

Let’s hope the “Internet Reformation” revolution gets the word out about the insidious Anglosphere elite world financial crisis and their terrible totalitarian takeover try. Just like the Gutenberg printing press did 500 years ago when it enabled Bibles and other books to be printed inexpensively and in the common mans language instead of esoteric Latin and Greek.

This is tyranny people. At least, stand up for the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. President Obama Marxist making minced meat out the US Constitution and our freedoms and liberties means they are going right out the window in the current financial crisis. BIG BROTHER CONTROL FOREVERMORE! War with Iran, World War Three, the rest of the Greater Depression and the New Dark Ages as they depopulate the globe to conserve the last of the earth's natural resources for themselves are next if they get their way in the world financial crisis. Beware!

God Bless and keep you. Put your faith in God - not men - and you will never be disappointed.

Copyright by Delwyn Lounsbury – THE DEFLATION GURU

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World Financial Crisis